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About us

Realize customer satisfaction with global database replication technology.

SILCROAD Soft, a database replication software company with global technology.

SILCROAD Soft Co., Ltd. is a database replication software company that focuses on SILCROAD (Smart, Interactive, and Live Change-data-capture Oracle to Any Database), which has comparable database replication performance to global CDC products. SILCROAD is the only product in the world that can fully meet the needs of the current market to achieve real-time replication of database replication and decentralized-Oracle replication of target databases at the same time. SILCROAD innovatively lowers the overall cost of building and operating replication systems by performing Oracle to Any with global CDC-class replication performance, simultaneously satisfying customers' demands of high performance and cost reduction, which were not possible with traditional CDC products.


A leading global company in decentralized Oracle

SILCROAD Soft seeks to lead the global market to transform Oracle through global database replication technology.

SILCROAD Soft aims to become a company that leads the diversification of databases worldwide with its database replication technology comparable to Oracle.

Corporate Overview

Company Name SILCROAD Soft Co., Ltd.
CEO Jeongil Yoon
Founded December 10, 2015
Company Address #707, 708 R&DB Center, 105, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, South Korea
Contact Number +82 31-888-5698
Business Areas

Real-time data replication

Uninterruptible data transfer to cloud environment

Mydata setup

Main Products SILCROAD v2.1


2015 ~ 2021

  • 2021

    Nov Won contract for Mirae Asset Securities' to introduce real-time data replication solutions (First Korean domestic software delivered to the financial account system)

    Jul Won contract for the 4th National Standards Information Management System of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (data replication solution)

    May Selected as “Potential ICT Unicorn Company” by Ministry of Science and ICT

    Apr Development of CDS MessageQ for data streaming transmission by Korea Electric Power Corporation.

  • 2020

    Aug Investment in the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (the highest valuation ever for startups)

    Jul Separate order for the establishment of the 3rd National Standards Information Management System of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (data replication solution)

    Jun Launched Oracle to Huawei GaussDB Migration platform

  • 2019

    Dec Achieved the first export (Japan)

    Dec Won the Prime Minister Award at Korea Software Product Awards

    Nov Won the Minister’s Award at Ministry of Science and ICT, New SW Product

    Mar Registration of SK Cloud Z Marketplace

    Jan Registration of Huawei Cloud Marketplace

  • 2018

    Nov Won 1st prize at the 5th Korea SW Product Quality Award

    Oct 30th Global SW Competition Bronze Award

    Sep Establishment of SILCROAD Soft China Corporation

  • 2017

    Nov Venture-Startup Festival Presentation Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Start-up Enterprise Sector

    Oct Gyeonggido Business And Science Accelerator Superman Creative Audition Winning the commercialization category

    Jul Selected as Venture Startup Innovation Procurement Product by Public Procurement Service

  • 2016

    Dec Acquired GS Certification (TTA) Grade 1

    Jul Acquisition Of Venture Certification

    Jul SILCROAD V2 Release

    May Established corporate research institute

  • 2015

    Dec Establishment of SILCROAD Soft, Inc. Corporation

Company Organizational Chart

CI (Corporate Identity)

SILCROAD stands for Smart, Interactive, and Live Change-data-capture replicating Oracle to Any Database. Like the silk road between ancient China and the West, SILCROAD Soft will pioneer in a new path in the software industry.