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High capacity & high speed data consistency verification/recovery solution between heterogeneous databases without business interruption

Vericover Package is a high speed data comparison and recovery package that identifies, reports, and corrects data inconsistencies between heterogeneous databases (Any DB to Any DB) without disrupting ongoing business processes. Regardless of what replication software is applied, you can work independently and provide a variety of verification methods(full/key-only/hash) In particular, incremental data verification techniques enable high-speed verification of large amounts of data.


Non-disruptive data verification

Any DB to Any DB

Reasonable Price

Vericover Package

Vericover Package consists of the following products.




  • A utility to verify data
    consistency and recover data

    SILCROAD Vericover v2.2


    Vericover Configuration

    Vericover Features

    SILCROAD Vericover’s Data Verification Methods

    Supported Modes Speed Accuracy
    Key data only
    (unique key)
    High Low
    User defined hash data
    (unique key + CRC of other columns)
    Middle Middle
    Full data
    (all columns)
    Low High(100%)

    Supports Any DB to Any DB

    Vericover Details

      High-performance Verification and Recovery

    • Supports various comparison methods (key, hash, full)
    • Supports high performance verification and recovery using transformation and compression algorithms of comparable data
    • Supports verification and recovery of changed data

      Heterogeneous Verification and Recovery

    • Supports various platforms
    • Supports various databases

      Special Features

    • Automatic and manual table and column mapping functions
    • Function to automatically verify data integrity and recover tasks at scheduled times
    • Consistency verification and recovery history verification functions
    • Selective recovery function after checking inconsistency in data
  • A GUI-based tool for
    management and monitoring

    SILCROAD Admin v2.1


    Admin Configuration

    Admin Features


    Monitoring Function

    Admin Details

      Integrated Monitoring

    • Resource monitoring (CPU, memory, network usage)
    • Replication monitoring (DML, DDL throughput and per-table statistics)

      Alert Function

    • Error notification function
    • Users can set specific notification in detail

      Multi-process control and management

    • Process status control (Run/Stop, Reset function for each process)
    • Process type management (InitEnv, Replication, Comparison options)

      Scheduling function

    • Automatic execution and report generation through process-specific schedule management
    • Process schedule management according to user's work situation

      Pipeline Statistics

    • Verification and Identification of cause in data processing bottleneck sections
    • Users can check bottleneck trends with statistical graphs by time and date

      Multi-user support

    • Permission setting by user through login
    • Provide custom screens