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No LogMiner! Oracle to Any DB!

Silcroad, a CDC solution that supports replication to various target DBMS while maintaining global CDC-class replication speed

SILCROAD Package is a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication by implementing ‘Direct Redo Log Access’ technology in a heterogeneous IT environment (Oracle to Any DB). This product enables high-availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformation, and verification between operational and analytic enterprise systems.


Global CDC-level replication speed

Various DBMS replication

Recursive reduction in the overall cost of building a replication system


SILCROAD Package consists of the following products.




  • CDC Engine

    SILCROAD RealRep v2.1


    RealRep Configuration

    RealRep Features

    Oracle Real-time replication

    Oracle Redo Log Access Method Comparison

    Change Data Extraction Performance

      Test Environment

    • Memory : 32Gb
    • CPU : Intel Core i7-6700K Processor (Quad-core / 8 threads with hyperthread enabled, 4GHz, 8M Cache)
    • Disk : SATA3, 7200 RPM, 2TB
    • Time comparison for 1G archive log (All settings set default without tuning enabled)

    Support Various Target Databases

    Major Top 4 Databases Oracle SQL Server MySQL Postgre
    Databases unsupported by O* SAP HANA Sybase-IQ    
    Non-DBMS Kafka      
    Korean Domestic Databases Goldilocks Tibero Altibase eXperDB
    Other Databases MariaDB EDB    

    RealRep Details

      High Performance Replication

    • High-speed Extraction: Direct Redo Log Access(No LogMiner
    • High-speed Application: Parallel application by table unit, parallel application by row unit, and batch task high speed application

      Heterogenous Database Replication

    • Supports various platforms
    • Supports various databases

      Special Features

    • Various replication topologies (1:1/ 1:N/ N:1)
    • Bi-directional replication (data collision, loopback prevention)
    • Column mapping and filtering
    • Compressed transport and transport encryption
  • Data Consistency
    Verification/Recovery Utility

    SILCROAD Vericover v2.2


    Vericover Configuration

    Vericover Features

    SILCROAD Vericover’s Data Verification Methods

    Supported Modes Speed Accuracy
    Key data only
    (unique key)
    High Low
    User defined hash data
    (unique key + CRC of other columns)
    Middle Middle
    Full data
    (all columns)
    Low High(100%)

    Supports Any DB to Any DB

    Vericover Details

      High-performance Verification and Recovery

    • Supports various comparison methods (key, hash, full)
    • Supports high performance verification and recovery using transformation and compression algorithms of comparable data
    • Supports verification and recovery of changed data

      Heterogeneous Verification and Recovery

    • Supports various platforms
    • Supports various databases

      Special Features

    • Automatic and manual table and column mapping functions
    • Function to automatically verify data integrity and recover tasks at scheduled times
    • Consistency verification and recovery history verification functions
    • Selective recovery function after checking inconsistency in data
  • Managing/monitoring GUI

    SILCROAD Admin v2.1


    Admin Configuration

    Admin Features


    Monitoring Function

    Admin Details

      Integrated Monitoring

    • Resource monitoring (CPU, memory, network usage)
    • Replication monitoring (DML, DDL throughput and per-table statistics)

      Alert Function

    • Error notification function
    • Users can set specific notification in detail

      Multi-process control and management

    • Process status control (Run/Stop, Reset function for each process)
    • Process type management (InitEnv, Replication, Comparison options)

      Scheduling function

    • Automatic execution and report generation through process-specific schedule management
    • Process schedule management according to user's work situation

      Pipeline Statistics

    • Verification and Identification of cause in data processing bottleneck sections
    • Users can check bottleneck trends with statistical graphs by time and date

      Multi-user support

    • Permission setting by user through login
    • Provide custom screens