SILCROAD offers real-time data replication from ORACLE to any DBMS.

Real-time replication

SILCROAD offers real-time data replication from ORACLE to any DBMS.
This enables business organizations to perform data integration, migration, and analysis with zero downtime.

Zero Data Loss DR (Disaster Recovery)

Disaster recovery (DR) solutions are categorized into synchronous/asynchronous data mirroring and incremental asynchronous data replication methods.
These solutions have some compromises in either performance or data integrity. Synchronous data mirroring adversely effects primary datacenter I/O response time, and asynchronous data mirroring may lose data if the disaster occurs between mirroring cycles. Incremental asynchronous data replication solution also has a similar data loss problem due to delayed data capture.

SILCROAD offers real-time data replication from the primary to secondary datacenter, if the primary site uses Oracle. Data changes in the primary datacenter are captured and delivered to the secondary site immediately, in order to minimize any data loss.

Heterogeneous HA (High-Availability)

DBMS HA cluster is typically implemented at the DBMS engine level with node configurations, such as Active-Standby, Active-Active, and Real Active Cluster.
Active-Standby and Active-Active replicate data synchronously, and thus increase user response time. Real Active Cluster requires configuring a costly 100Gbps peer-to-peer network environment for sharing resources between nodes. Additionally, these types of clusters require all ORACLE DBMS configurations.

SILCROAD offers asynchronous synchronization for both Active-Standby and Active-Active node configurations with ORACLE and any database.
Asynchronous data synchronization provides multiple advantages, such as no requirement for a high-cost network environment, and low impact on user response time. SILCROAD has also achieved heterogeneous HA for OCI application by providing OCI to non-ORACLE drivers.
For Active-Active, conflict resolution strategies can be either priority based or time stamp based, and it is configurable by the user.

Currently, Active-Active node configuration is only supported by ORACLE to ORACLE databases.

However, ORACLE to any DB configuration is technologically possible if there is a known REDO log format. Active-Standby configuration is supported for ORACLE-ORACLE and ORACLE-PostgreSQL.

STAR Topology DW

SILCROAD STAR-Topology solution provides real-time consolidated data sharing from head datacenter to branch datacenters.
Each branch datacenter transmits generated data to the head datacenter, and the head datacenter consolidates that data and broadcasts the results. Thus, all the branches retain complete and consolidated data in real-time. Currently, STAR-Topology DW is only supported for ORACLE DBMS, while support for PostgreSQL is under development. For non real-time consolidation, SILCROAD supports branches with any DB.

RING Topology HADR

SILCROAD RING-Topology model offers asynchronous active clustering.
All of the nodes in the cluster perform real-time synchronization, thus retaining identical data. If a planned or unplanned outage occurs on a node, all of the other nodes provide data redundancy (DR), so that the service is still available (HA) during the recovery of the outed node. This model can be utilized for constructing a cluster for WAN. Currently, RING-Topology is only supported for ORACLE DBMS, and using an identical system spec for each node is recommended.

Transparent Win-Back

There are multiple challenges to performing migration from ORACLE to non-ORACLE DB

– Service interruption during migration process
– Reimplementation of applications with OCI(Oracle Call Interface)

In a lot of cases, it is not cost effective for businesses to overcome this challenge, so they conclude that system migration is not a costly viable option.

SILCROAD offers a hassle free migration solution that provides zero-downtime and as-is applications. This solution is accomplished by real-time data replication and OCI to non-ORACLE drivers.
By choosing DBMS at a lower cost, businesses can now achieve cost reduction without any service or business interruption.

SILCROAD currently offers ORACLE to PostgreSQL Transparent migration.