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Silcroad Inc. is always looking for creative, innovative and passionate individuals to join our team.


Required documents: Application, resume, college transcripts, copy of diploma, copy of certificates      |      Download application [Download]
Email :


Q: How do you notify me of my application results?

A: We will notify you using the contact info provided in your application.

Q: Are there any optional documents that I can submit with the application?

A: Providing a detailed resume and/or description of your related project experience would be helpful for us in making our decision.

Q: Are there any formatting requirements for recommendation letters or references?

A: We accept recommendation letters and/or references along with the application. There are no formatting requirements.

Q: Which language skills are useful to Silcroad?

A: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese skills are highly valuable for our company. Please provide test scores and/or certificates.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to re-applying after receiving a rejection letter?

A: If you are fit for the job description, you are always welcome to apply for any jobs.

Q: What’s the difference between the first and second interviews?

A: The first interview is mainly a technical and/or skills related interview done by a variety of job-relevant professionals.
The second interview is done by our management team, and focuses on interpersonal skills.

Q: After getting an offer, how do you decide my job title?

A: This is based on the interview and experience, and is negotiable.

Q: When can I apply?

A: Whenever we have job openings available.