SILCROAD – Real-time data replication between ORACLE and other databases with outstanding performance and reliability. SILCROAD stands for Smart, Interactive, and Live Change-data-capture Replicating Oracle to Any Database, which represents the exceptional features that the product offers.

SILCROAD features

Smart: replication using A.I. based adaptive control

SILCROAD supports two process modes (UNION, DIVISION) with various DB apply methods such as transaction playback.
Smart replication analyzes the current system resources and network bandwidth to choose the most optimized DB replication methods.
This feature will be included in Version 3.

(1) Dynamic process adjustment
– UNION(Source performs capture, assemble, and apply)
– DIVISION (Source only performs capture, while target performs the rest of the processes: assemble, and apply.)

(2) Dynamic apply method adjustment
– Transaction playback
– Apply object snapshot
– Compression delivery
– etc.

Interactive: Bi-directional replication for ORACLE to any DB

SILCROAD supports Active-Active ORACLE to any DB bi-directional replication with Star and Ring-topologies.

Live: Real-time replication for ORACLE to any DB

Unlike other competitors that rely on the Oracle LogMiner package, SILCROAD uses an exclusive high performance Oracle REDO log file analyzer to achieve Real-time DB replication. DDL(Data Definition Language) operations are automatically applied without interrupting DB replication.